Will my pet street get repaired? What’s the hold up on Adobe Road? When will Caltrans fix the Highway 1 rut near Timber Cove? Road Warrior got the answers.

Question: I’ve lived in the Roseland area for two years and I’m so frustrated about a particular stretch of street that so needs repair. The second maybe 20 feet of West Avenue, just past where it meets Sebastopol Road. I wouldn’t think much of it except that it is a point of very high use. Really HIGH use. Cars in and out every time the light changes.

Obviously not so much used as Stony Point, or even Dutton as they cross Sebastopol Road ; but West is the third main artery of Roseland. (setting aside Hearn.) I have heard the budget for street repairs is inadequate, but my frustration stems from it being a short stretch at a corner with very significant rate of use , i.e. therefore should rank pretty high on the do next list. I’d like suggestions about where I might write. — Clarinda Moore

Answer: West Avenue is not a primary roadway as designated by the Board of Supervisors and at this time there are no plans for any paving at this location. I will take a look at the conditions where the writer mentions and see what if anything needs to be done. If there are pot holes, we will repair them.

The public can advise us of pavement problems by phone (565-5100) or on the COUNTY WEBSITE by sending us a message will some details (road address, type of problem, etc.) — Tom O’Kane, deputy director, Sonoma County Transportation and Public Works Department

Question: For about the past week, traffic traveling south on Petaluma Hill Rd towards Penngrove has been backing up at Adobe Rd for 1/2 mile or more at the traffic light during 8 a.m. rush hour. There is a tiny bit of construction about 1-2 miles north of here that is not really impeding traffic, so I can’t see why this would explain the new congestion at Adobe Rd. It used to be that I could drive right up to the light at Adobe Rd and proceed without delay during the morning commute. Now I’m 40+ cars back and it takes 3-4 cycles of the traffic light before I can get through the intersection. Once I get through the Adobe Rd light, traffic is fine again.

What is going on? Was the traffic light frequency changed? I thought maybe there was a wreck or construction on 101 that forced people to look for alternate routes, and perhaps increased traffic through Penngrove, but I went down 101 yesterday and didn’t see anything going on there, either. After a week of this, I’m starting to wonder. — Ben

Answer: The Adobe Road/Petaluma Hill intersection was repaved earlier this year, so there is no road work in progress, says O’Kane. Staff members checked the timing on that traffic signal Wednesday and Thursday and found nothing out of the ordinary.  ”There is a pedestrian phase that is set for the children who walk to and from the school,” he added. “Even though school is out right now, it still operates at the same timing when the button is pushed. I assume that could have delayed the traffic movement.”

Question: Last year, I believe, the phone company laid down some fiber optic cable along a long stretch of Hwy I, down the middle of the N/B lane north of Timber Cove.  The entire roadway appears to have been repaved, but now the new pavement is buckling right down the middle of the lane exactly where the cable was laid, creating a ridge in the surface of the road that goes on for miles.

It is very disruptive to the stability of motorcyclists and to some degree autos if you hit that ridge.  Who is responsible for repair and when is this going to be fixed?  It’s certainly not going to get better if it is left as it is. — Ken Kimari

Answer: In general, contractors are always responsible for repairing the roads after they’re done installing cable or making repairs. In this case, it appears that Verizon made repairs that didn’t hold up after Caltrans repaved Highway 1. Caltrans spokesman Allyn Amask tells us that a solution is expected this week.

Verizon proposed a way to fix the pavement that Caltrans has returned with “comments for Verizon to address,” Amask said. “Verizon indicated they will be responding to our comments this week to come up with an acceptable solution.”



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  1. Larry Hernandez

    Carpool lane. Single drivers continue to use the Carpool lane during commuting hours. Why isn’t it being monitor
    or enforced. City could make lots of money!

    July 26th, 2013 9:56 am

  2. stuck in the narrows

    Can we get the people who built the new Target/Mall in Petaluma to do the highway work on 101 that seems to be moving very slowly?

    July 26th, 2013 10:01 am

  3. Tim

    Another Roseland high-use corridor is Sebastopol Rd. between Dutton Ave. and Olive St. which passes under Hwy 12. Olive was recently resurfaced, which was severely needed. But the stretch crossing the new RR tracks is horrid. Not safe for anyone. Is this short 1/4 mile stretch in any future plans to be repaved?

    July 26th, 2013 10:25 am

  4. TD

    I agree on the section of West rd. in Roseland. We have almost been hit, or hit others due to the driveway of the restaurant on the corner. People slam on their brakes with no blinker to turn in, or can’t turn in because someone is coming out of the VERY narrow driveway.
    The rd itself is in terrible condition. I think this section really needs to be looked at by the city for potential safety issues.

    July 26th, 2013 10:51 am

  5. Maury

    Re; Petaluma Hill/Adobe Rd…

    I’d venture that work on 101 in Petaluma (near Lakeville) may be causing more commuters to try PH/ADOBE as an alternate route.

    July 26th, 2013 10:52 am

  6. Road.Warrior

    I have sent that question to the traffic dept. for an answer and will post it when it’s available.

    July 26th, 2013 11:58 am

  7. Cassie Thomson

    Millbrea Ave between Stony Point and Redwood is a death trap. A women just recently was killed. There have been head on accidents. Vehicles always run into the ditch. There is no margin for error on this road. When its dark and rains you have to hope you don’t go off the road. The county wont even paint a white line on the edge. Wilfred is temporarily closed so that is not an option. Regardless Millbrae is a heavily used road that is in desperate need of repair. Once the Casino opens Wilfred wont be an option for those wanting to avoid the Casino. I was told by Rob Silva of Sonoma County Public Works that once the Casino began work he would “piggyback” on their permits to fix the roads and drainage in the Wilfred to Scenic (S-N) and Redwood Dr to Arlington (E-W) roads area. To pull onto Scenic or Millbrae from Taylor Ave you have to do so blindly as there is so much growth in the ditches.

    July 26th, 2013 12:28 pm

  8. Denise Thurman

    Dear Ben:
    Penngrove Elementary Charter School at the intersection of Adobe Rd. and Petaluma Hill Rd., has been in session since July 17, and is on a year-round schedule. Please be patient with the parents trying to drop off their children in the mornings, and be extra vigilant when looking for pedestrians in this area. You may wish to consider an alternate route for your morning commute during school days. A complete school calendar can be found at Penngrove Elementary’s website under the parents tab, then the forms and documents link. Thank you for your help; together we can make it safer for Penngrove Panthers!

    July 26th, 2013 2:03 pm

  9. Road.Warrior

    Thank you for clearing up the mystery, Denise, and for providing good solid advice.

    July 26th, 2013 4:12 pm

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