The current slurry seal projects in progress on Fountaingrove and Oakmont streets got under the skin of Press Democrat columnist Chris Coursey. Here’s how he describes them in this morning’s column.

Let them eat cake. Out of potholes.

That’s the unfortunate message being sent by Santa Rosa’s street maintenance program, described on this morning’s Page 1 by staff writer Kevin McCallum. In a form of triage where pavement takes the place of patients, the city has decided to save the healthy ones, and let the sick ones die a not-so-slow death.

Not surprisingly, the healthy streets getting treatment under this program are in the relatively wealthy neighborhoods of Fountaingrove and Oakmont. The old, sick streets getting neglected are, naturally, in older, less wealthy neighborhoods. 

You can read the full column HERE, but here’s a question for you. Is it better to do preventative maintenance of new streets or reserve that money for future repairs needed on badly maintained roads?

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  1. TP

    Spending what little money is available to maintain streets in good condition or saving it to spend on repair of roads in poor condition at some undetermined point in the future is a lose-lose decision precipitated by the horrendous planning of years past. If the money could have been saved (and kept from being pilfered by other projects), a more just solution would have been giving Fountaingrove and Oakmont residents the option of subsidizing the resurfacing of their residential streets.

    July 25th, 2013 1:18 pm

  2. bradpipal

    “Yesterday, I complained in writing about breaking suspension pieces upon a 4 inch plus deep by three foot hole on Cleveland and the East overpass directions…It was killing cars and small trucks….Today, road repairs at Cleveland and East overpass of new three sections. Over one year high volume, neglected roadway, repaired and rolled…Completed up the overpass CalTrans State property….Who said there is not a God?.”…

    July 25th, 2013 5:17 pm

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