Updated 8/6 to include Santa Rosa’s plans for Fulton Road repaving

During the height of roadwork season, readers want to know when their pet project will be finished (funded, considered). Here’s an update on four Sonoma County roads.

ETA for Petaluma on ramp

Question: The Northbound onramp at Washington Street is still not done after more than a year, although work on city streets all around it at the new Target center has been done for quite awhile. What’s the hold up? – Robert

Question: Could you please explain why the 101 N. Bound Onramp @E. Washington seems to be going @ a snails pace? There has been no work since May. – Eddie

Answer: Although it doesn’t look like anything is happening at that location, work is continuing and the on ramp is on schedule to open in September, transportation sources say. Work started in early 2012 with utility relocation, and construction has been ongoing since spring 2012. The Washington Street/101 project includes building a new northbound on ramp and making improvements to the off ramp.

Fulton Road’s bumpy ride

Question: The latest construction on Fulton Road has become quite a bumpy ride between Piner and River roads.  The problem is that there are limited signs warning of the construction, so drivers are going the speed limit, 40-45 mph.  The pavement is broken up in areas with a big difference between the graded and not graded, causing a bump.  The problem?  The “BUMP” signs are directly (less than 5 feet or so) in front of the bump which you then hit going 40 mph with no warning.  At night this is really a hazard !  Can you find out who is handling this construction and if they can place the signs better for these? — Jessica Hampton, Santa Rosa

Answer: It’s a joint project between the city and the county, with Santa Rosa responsible for work from Piner Road to the city limits and the county picking up from there to just south of Highway 101. Tom O’Kane, deputy director of the county’s Transportation and Public Works department, said the county is preparing to repave its portion. County contractors are working this week to replace traffic signal detection loops at the River Road intersection before the asphalt overlay begins.

“We have not received any complaints about the placement of the signs, but I will ask the inspectors to check the conditions and many any changes necessary,” O’Kane said.

The city has no plans to repave that part of Fulton Road, but has two other segments on its radar. Santa Rosa engineer Dave Montague said the Fulton Road Widening project, funded with Measure M tax proceeds, will take care of the portion between Piner Road and Guerneville. It’s scheduled for fiscal year 2017/2018. The portion between Guerneville Road and Occidental Road is part of the city’s Capital Improvement Program, but no construction date has been set.

Colgan Avenue, one of Santa Rosa’s worst roads

Question: When is COLGAN AVE. going to be paved???? — John

Answer: Colgan Avenue will be reconstructed from Petaluma Hill Road to Santa Rosa Avenue. The project is funded for design and will move to the construction phase as funding becomes available. Construction is likely to be at least two years out. — Lori Urbanek, interim supervising engineer, Santa Rosa Transportation and Public Works Department

Sebastopol Road, pothole central

Question: Another Roseland high-use corridor is Sebastopol Road between Dutton Ave. and Olive St. which passes under Hwy 12. Olive was recently resurfaced, which was severely needed. But the stretch crossing the new RR tracks is horrid. Not safe for anyone. Is this short 1/4 mile stretch in any future plans to be repaved?

Answer: Rehabilitation of Sebastopol Road between Dutton and Olive is not currently funded in the 5-year Capital Improvement Program. However, there is a high priority sewer and water project that will also reconstruct a portion of  roadway on the southerly side of Sebastopol from Dutton to Roberts (about 700’).  Estimated construction start date is Spring 2014. — Lori Urbanek, interim supervising engineer, Santa Rosa Transportation and Public Works Department


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  1. Jay

    Fulton Road’s bumpy ride: I agree, the placement of the signs are bad. Heck why didn’t they do a better job of smoothing out the “bumps”? The other thing to mention is that when you do slow down (normal, not slamming on your brakes) the SUV or truck behind you gets annoyed and gets right behind you. Now the bump problem turns into a tailgating problem!

    August 6th, 2013 11:31 am

  2. Greg Dunlap

    Colgan Avenue??? Fulton Road??? Anything resembling a road or street on the WEST SIDE of Santa Rosa hasn’t a chance of being included in the 50 year capital improvement program let alone the 5 year one.

    Gotta spend on Oakmont and Fountaingrove first you know.

    August 6th, 2013 12:31 pm

  3. Janet

    When is Watmaugh Road and Agua Caliente ever going to be paved? These have to be the worst roads in the county. I see construction work being done everywhere I go but the work doesn’t include paving.

    August 6th, 2013 12:42 pm

  4. Rex Faktor

    Fulton Road needs a repave from College to Hwy 12…its’ mostly a network of patches that break into potholes regularly and get even more patches. The traffic volume it carries far exceeeds Colgan or that industrial wasteland at the end of Sebastopol Road, as do the vehicle speeds. Any plans for this…

    August 6th, 2013 12:56 pm

  5. Road.Warrior

    That’s in the section between Guerneville and Occidental roads, no date set yet. I just updated the post to include information about the city’s plans for Fulton Road. For the full list of Santa Rosa roads plans, take a look at this document: http://ci.santa-rosa.ca.us/doclib/Documents/1314_CIP%20Draft%20Document_June%202013_budget%20hearings.pdf

    August 6th, 2013 1:08 pm

  6. Mark

    Residents of fountain grove and oakmontpay taxes too Greg. Not sure what you meant by that comment.

    August 6th, 2013 1:25 pm

  7. Al Duncan

    How about Barnes Road??? Sheeesh!!!

    August 6th, 2013 1:32 pm

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