Question: Do you know if Stony Point in both North and South Directions are going to be affected at Wilfred thru October 2013? I came North today and had to get off the road to take 101 North. I travel daily from Novato to Job Link at Highway 12 and Stony Point. — Cynthia

Answer: Wilfred is being rebuilt to serve the new Graton Rancheria casino, work that also involves installing a traffic light at the Stony Point and Wilfred intersection. Rohnert Park’s Deputy Engineer Pat Barnes said that may require some temporary lane closures on Stony Point Road, but nothing on a regular basis. Sonoma County also plans to install a traffic light at Millbrae, about 1/2 mile to the north of Wilfred. Other than that, your commute should be uninterrupted during the construction.

The Wilfred Avenue project, $10.85 million,  is being paid for by the tribe, with Rohnert Park managing the project through an agreement with Sonoma County and the tribe. Construction began on June 3, and is expected to be done in November. During most of this time, Wilfred Avenue will be closed to through traffic between Redwood Drive and Stony Point Road.

The project includes widening Wilfred Avenue to four lanes from Redwood Drive to Langner Avenue, then two lanes from Langner Avenue to Stony Point Road. It will add bicycle lanes on both sides, and a new bike bridge will be built across Bellevue/Wilfred Channel on the south side of the existing bridge. A sidewalk also will be built between Redwood Drive and Langner Avenue, and above-ground utilities will be buried.

Dedicated turn lanes will be constructed at key intersection, and new traffic signals installed at Dowdell Avenue, Labath Avenue and Stony Point Road. Send questions about the project to, or call 588-2265.