"I had my brother in my hand, and all of a sudden my hand was empty." ("From One Second To The Next")

“From One Second To The Next” is Werner Herzog’s take on texting while driving. If you’ve ever been tempted — or know someone who has — take a look at this chilling 35-minute documentary about the aftereffects of accidents caused by drivers distracted by text messaging.

Herzog  linger over interviews with people involved on both sides of texting accidents. One young driver talks about how she lives with the guilt of her fatal mistake, and survivors of texting fatalities talk about how life has changed. Since it was posted on youtube Aug. 7, the film has been viewed nearly 2.2 million times.

If you’re wondering how Herzog got involved, look no farther than the group that posted the film. “It Can Wait” is spearheaded by wireless providers AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon as part of a national campaign to create a social stigma around texting and driving similar to the one created by Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Go to itcanwait.com for details, including information about the three-day youth summit that concludes today in Washington, D.C.


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