If it feels like you sit forever at the traffic light at Farmers Lane and Fourth Street/Highway 12, that’s because it is Santa Rosa’s longest light, taking a full 130 seconds to make a full cycle. That’s because so many streets feed into that intersection and require a left hand turn option.

Steele Lane carries the most traffic, which is why the light at Steele and Armory/Illinois is the city’s second longest, requiring 120 seconds to complete a cycle, according to Santa Rosa Traffic Engineer Rob Sprinkle. Other lights take 120 seconds or less to complete a cycle unless the light is changing to adapt to traffic flow or an emergency vehicle.

Readers added these to the “longest traffic light” list:

–Stony Point Road where  it intersects with Hearn, Bellevue and College. “Leaving Finley Park to turn left onto southbound Stony Point is ridiculous,” writes Jeff. “It can take up to five minutes waiting for the light to change, even at light traffic times.”

–Guerneville Road frustrates readers at intersections with Lance Drive and Herbert Street. “Guerneville and Lance Drive is so long drivers regularly drive through the red light,” writes Mike. “I’ve seen 15 cars waiting.”

–Humboldt and College

–Jennings and Marlow

–Vallejo Street at Farmers Lane

–Sonoma Avenue at Farmers Lane, especially between 5:45 and 6 p.m.

Still want more? Read an interview with Rob Sprinkle about how traffic lights work, or don’t work, HERE.