Here’s what’s on the minds of Road Warrior readers this week.

A speed limit bugaboo

Can you clarify for your readers what the speed limit is on Highway 12 between Fulton Road and Farmers Lane? Please, as a public service, let the public know that the speed limit is 65 mph from Farmers Lane all the way to Fulton Road!

It frustrates me when I get on Hwy. 12 going either direction from Hwy. 101.  When I ask random people what they think the speed limit is, I get the same answer — 55mph!  I know what the speed limit is, but obviously other people don’t see the sign posted on the right side when they enter from Hoen Ave.  The only other sign is at Fulton Road if you are coming east from Sebastopol.

I believe everybody still thinks it is 55 mph because that is the last posted speed limit anybody saw a few years back when they were doing construction.  Why aren’t there more speed limit signs posted on this stretch? Thanks in advance for your assistance in getting the word out FINALLY! — Michele H.

Easing the Farmers Lane congestion

The article (about Santa Rosa’s most exasperating traffic lights) notes three traffic light problems on Framers Lane.  Imagine the Farmers Lane traffic 20 years from now.  Why has the state decided that they will never extend Rte. 12 on the land they’ve held for decades?  That land should not be turned into a park; it should be preserved until we have wiser DOT leaders. — Ralph S.

Aware or confused?

I have noticed many new digital signs around the county that inform a driver of how fast they are going.  While I think these signs are a great reminder for people to slow down, I question the wisdom of having them be the same colors as a speed limit sign.  It seems to me that the part of the sign that says your speed is should be some other color, like yellow on black, rather than the black on white of a speed limit sign.  Does anyone else think that these signs could be a source of confusion for some less aware drivers? – Jon Y.