In September we reported a loose pig that was tying up traffic and slippery grapes that fell off a truck on their way to the crush pad. And then there was the charging cow that briefly closed Highway 128. (Read the story here.)

But now that it’s October, afternoon sun glare is responsible for more widespread havoc. We offer suggestions about how to drive with the sun in your eyes and hear from a reader who says the sun interferes with traffic signals.

How do motorists combat sun glare? Mr. Roadshow columnist Gary Richards asked for suggestions and got a slew of them. Chime in if you’ve got better ones.

–Wear mirror finish sunglasses.

–Pull over and park or move into a parking lot for about 10 minutes until the sun has cleared the horizon. It is far better to be 10 to 15 minutes late, avoid a collision and not take a side trip to the hospital or morgue.

–Keep a baseball cap in the car and pull it on when you need it. Or carry a lightweight plastic visor you can slip over your head.

–Google “visor extension” and you will find a selection of flop-down visor extensions. The material looks like a 6-inch-by-12-inch plastic sun screen. Or use a Manila folder cut to the length of your car visor and stapled together on the long side. Slip it over the visor and use it an extension.

–Keep your windshield clean. If it’s clean you’ll be able to see just fine as long as the sun itself is blocked by something.

Read the full column here.

Question: It’s that time of the year, and the lights at Hearn and Corby avenues, and Hearn and Santa Rosa avenues are not changing. At 6:44 p.m. we sat at the light at Hearn and Corby until 6:58 p.m. The light at Hearn and Santa Rosa Avenue didn’t change. The Corby light changed 4 times, but no one moved.

Then the sun was going down farther and the light to turn left at Corby didn’t change while 4 lights changed going over the bridge. It backed up to past West and on to Dutton Meadow. Side streets didn’t move either, backing them up. People coming in off the freeway were backed up also.

I mentioned this last year about this time to an officer and he told me it was the sun. I love the sun but not at this time or place. — Rosemary McCrossen

Answer: We’ve contacted the city to see what can be done. Stay tuned for the answer.


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