It’s true. Sun glare can make traffic signals malfunction, but things can be done to fight back. Plus how to interpret HOV lanes on on-ramps, when Llano Road will be done, and one more inquiry about that pile of dirt at Highway 12 and Farmers Lane.

Question: It’s that time of year again and the lights at Hearn and Corby and Hearn and SR ave are not changing. At 6:44 p.m. we sat at the light at Hearn and Corby until 6:58. The light at Hearn and SR ave didn’t change while the Corby light changed 4 times, but no one moved. Then the sun was going down farther and the light to turn left at Corby didn’t change, while 4 lights changed for people going over the bridge.

Traffic was backed up to past West and on to Dutton Meadow. Side streets didn’t move either, backing them up along with people coming in off the freeway. I mentioned this last year about this time to an officer and he told me it was the sun. I love the sun but not at this time or place. — Rosemary McCrossen

Answer: Glare can be an issue at times, but it is not consistent or specific to autumn. City crews are going out today to see if the cameras can be realigned and the visors shifted to minimize sun glare. — Rob Sprinkle, Santa Rosa traffic spokesman

If there’s no metering light, is it fair game?

Question: Is it legal to use the car pool diamond lane on a on HWY off/on ramp that has a sign posted saying “when metered” (or something like that) when there are no operational metering lights and you are riding alone? There is a situation like this on the off ramp of HWY 12 west to HWY 101 north. I use this lane while riding alone because I see the sign and people get mad at me. Am I right to be using this lane or not? — Michael Bracewell, Santa Rosa

Answer: Yes, the HOV lanes on the on-ramps can be used since the metering lights are not active. — Officer Jon Sloat, CHP spokesman

Llano is sealed, but when will it be done?

Question: I drive on Llano Road every day and have seen the Slow and 25 mph signs for months now with no sign of continued work or enforcement of this seemingly arbitrary signage…what is going on with this road? Are they repaving it next decade? Thanks, Samuel Coble

Answer: Get in line, Samuel. The chip seal work on Llano Road between Todd and Hwy. 116 is done, but the last time we talked, Tom O’Kane of the county’s transportation and public works department said the pavement markings still have to be applied by the contractor. They’re working on roads throughout the county, with a long to-do list.

The hill of dirt at Hwy. 12, revisited

Question: What’s going on with the crews that have been flattening the hill at the Hoen/Hwy. 12 interchange?

Answer: We get this question all the time. Caltrans is hauling away all the dirt from a failed Highway 12 bypass, and trucking it over to the new interchange they’re building at Airport Blvd. in northern Santa Rosa.