Ben wrote to say that Highway 101 was strangely calm during his Thursday morning commute from Santa Rosa to Penngrove, and he was puzzled.

“Is there a local holiday I don’t know about? Something? This is just too weird to be random,” he said.

“I was able to maintain the speed limit the entire time, and there was ample distance between most cars… nobody seemed held up or unable to pass. There wasn’t even a backup at the Penngrove exit. I couldn’t believe it! It’s like it wasn’t rush hour.

“I traveled this route during my usual commute time, leaving Santa Rosa at 7:45, which usually guarantees a traffic nightmare, but not this morning. My girlfriend, who left 15 minutes earlier than I did, noticed the same thing, as did a coworker… now we’re all curious what made this morning commute so smooth. Where were all the cars?

If you have the answer, chime in. This riddle isn’t going to get solved by the usual sources.


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