Here’s an idea that sounds great on paper and could be revolutionary if it was ever realized. What if all the roads, parking lots and driveways were paved not with asphalt, but with solar panels?

Apparently this technology exists, but is extremely expensive. If the technology is ever refined, it could solve all of the country’s energy problems. It is estimated that, if just the U.S. Interstate system was paved with solar panels, it could produce all of the electricity the nation needs.

In addition, solar roads would eliminate the need for electric transmission wires as power consumers could connect homes and businesses directly to the road. Solar roads could also charge electric vehicles. They could be embedded with LED lights that could “paint” lane lines on highways and parking spaces, which could easily be changed as needed. The solar panels could heat up to melt snow and ice on the roadway.

A company called Solar Roadways has raised more than $1 million in an online crowd funding campaign. The company is leveraging a U.S. Federal Highway Administration grant with this Indiegogo campaign to generate the capital needed to get the idea off the ground.