A reader sent in this question about the Highway 101 interchange project at Petaluma Boulevard South:

“In the last week or so, road crews changed the Petaluma Blvd. South entrance to 101, specifically the south 101 entrance. Before, it was a great way to skip the Petaluma bridge merge and hop on afterwards with hardly a slowdown until actually getting onto 101, of course.

Now the new route uses the new overpass and requires a total of 4 stop signs (past the bridge) to get onto 101 south. Please, please, please tell me this is temporary and they’re reconstructing the original entrance to 101 south. Otherwise, this was a terrible idea and a huge headache for anyone who lives near Petaluma Blvd South.

If they are reconstructing the original entrance, any idea when it’ll be done?”

The new overpass and southbound 101 onramp are not temporary. It is part of a $130 million project to widen the Petaluma River Bridge and remake the interchange with Petaluma Boulevard South.

The new overpass (which will be part of an extended Kastania Road) is now open and the southern onramp is in use. The old southbound offramp is closed while workers construct the new southbound offramp, which will open later next month. A new northbound offramp is also close to opening leaving just a new northbound onramp to complete the diamond interchange.

Once the interchange is fully opened, it should be easier to navigate, Caltrans says.