The Sonoma County Transportation Authority board on Monday signed off on a plan that would put the agency in charge of administering a potential sales tax. The county Board of Supervisors is considering putting on the November ballot a quarter-cent sales tax measure that would be dedicated to fixing county and city roads.

The board will meet July 29 to decide whether to place the measure on the ballot. A draft of the measure includes funding levels for the cities and the county based on the current transportation sales tax Measure M. But the draft leaves blank the section on how each jurisdiction will spend the money.

It is unclear whether each city will have time to discuss the measure before the Aug. 8 deadline to put the measure on the ballot. What is clear is that the SCTA will administer the sales tax if two-thirds of voters approve the measure. The SCTA already administers the Measure M sales tax money and has the staff in place to act as an impartial arbiter between the county and the cities.