Sunday’s 6.0 Napa County earthquake seems to have spared roads in Sonoma County. The county Department of Transportation and Public Works was out Monday inspecting roads and reported no damage from the quake. The department issued the following statement:

Sunday’s early morning earthquake was felt by most people in this county, fortunately no road damage has been reported. The only call associated with the quake came in around 7:45 a.m. from the Napa County Office of Emergency Services advising of a rock slide with down trees at Lovall Valley Road and Thornsberry Road in Sonoma. Crews were dispatched and drove both routes and did not find a problem.

Our on-call supervisor did not receive any calls over the weekend. Our Bridge crew Engineer was in south county inspecting bridge structures and found no damage. Today our road supervisors in Sonoma and Cotati will be inspecting some of the less traveled routes for any possible damage or cleanup – these will include Cavedale Road and Trinity Road in the Sonoma area. Our Cotati foreman does plan to inspect Lakeville Rd as well.