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Think driving and phoning risky? Then why do people do it

Nearly 9 in 10 drivers say those who use cellphones while driving are a safety threat, but nearly 7 in 10 said they used their cellphone behind the wheel at least once in the past month, an AAA study finds. And nearly a third said they drove while using their cellphone fairly often in that previous month. Among other highlights of the national survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety issued this month: –About 95 percent said it’s a… Read More »

Many drivers admit to behavior they consider dangerous

U.S. drivers perhaps should listen to their own criticism. A survey by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found drivers overwhelmingly consider drinking and driving, cellphone use, texting, speeding, running of red lights, driving while drowsy and not wearing seatbelts to be dangerous and a serious threat to safety. But many admit committing those violations. Here’s a quick look at the survey’s results: –Drinking and driving: Seventy-six 76 percent of drivers surveyed said those driving after drinking alcohol pose a… Read More »

2 in 5 drivers admit falling asleep

We’ve all been there: Busy lives, not enough sleep, long drive and suddenly we feel ourselves dropping off to sleep. You’ve might not actually have fallen asleep, but a study finds 41 percent of drivers admit to falling sleep at the wheel at some point in their lives. Here’s an edited version of the summary posted online by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety of its study, which was issued today: Washington, D.C. — Two out of every five drivers… Read More »