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Police may face stricter rules for DUI checkpoints

Local police will face stricter rules for their DUI checkpoints if a bill by Santa Rosa Assemblyman Michael Allen is signed by Gov. Jerry Brown. The Assembly last week gave final approval, 48-25, to the bill, AB 1389, before sending it on to Brown. Overall, the bill would set uniform standards for how DUI checkpoints are operated across the state, based on a 1987 state Supreme Court ruling, Ingersoll v. Palmer, that allowed the checkpoints if certain factors are met.… Read More »

Allen’s car-impoundment legislation switch

Note: This column has been updated with comments from an aide to Assemblyman Michael Allen. Santa Rosa Assemblyman Michael Allen’s legislation that would have limited police impounds of cars at DUI/license checkpoints has taken a turn in the state Senate. The impoundment provision has been dropped from Assembly Bill 1389 and what remains is language that would require that DUI checkpoints to be conducted uniformly around the state and would require police to give at least 48 hours notice of… Read More »