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Sound Off: Readers let off steam about other drivers, sluggish road projects and cops without turn signals

Sometimes Road Warrior readers just need a chance to vent about bad drivers, dangerous road conditions, road construction that moves at glacial speed and cops who don’t follow the rules. Here’s what is on their minds. Don’t swerve on a curve When did crossing the double yellow line and driving in the oncoming lane become so common? I live in Occidental and see the annual influx of bicycle riders preparing for the Gran Fondo and other bicycle races. I frequently… Read More »

Mailbag: Pointing fingers at CHP, walking on Hwy. 12, and applause for Caltrans

When do radar operations become fire hazards? Is it legal to walk along Highway 12? And a love letter to Caltrans. Keep reading. Question: Today I was driving north on 101 just past the northbound airport road on ramp. Sitting behind the fence alongside the highway next to the sign is a hiding place for the CHP.  I saw one standing there today he was holding a radar gun and clocking the speed of passing autos. My gripe; the supposedly well… Read More »