Lakeville Highway town hall tonight

Sonoma County Supervisor David Rabbitt will host a town hall meeting in Petaluma with Assemblymember Marc Levine to provide an update on key issues related to safety on Lakeville Highway and to collect community input.

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Giants, Cal games to cause traffic tonight

Bay Area baseball fans are becoming used to October games as the World Series returns to San Francisco tonight for the third time in five seasons. But North Bay drivers may not be prepared for the added traffic caused by the evening Giants game and a rare Friday Cal football game in Santa Clara on top of a normal weekday commute.

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Increased highway enforcement today

Santa Rosa Area CHP officers will be working in coordination with Marin CHP officers today in an effort to increase safety along the Highway 101 corridor.

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“Three Feet” bike safety law takes effect today

Under the new law, motorists are required by law to give at least three feet of space between their vehicle and the cyclist. In cases where this is not possible, motorists must slow to a speed that is reasonable and prudent, and must pass only when doing so will not endanger the cyclist.

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CHP maximum enforcement around construction zones

Caltrans and the CHP are warning motorists statewide that the CHP is conducting maximum enforcement of traffic laws in active construction zones as part of a public safety campaign focused on work zone safety.

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Road Report: Hwy. 101 put to the test this week

Casino traffic will be joined by theater patrons at the Green Center and Wells Fargo Center for the Arts.

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Sound Off: Stand up to unsafe drivers

'Be safe, but you don't have to take it,' says one reader.

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Rohnert Park casino: 40,800 more cars on 101?

Traffic troubles ahead near the new casino.

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Sound Off: Readers let off steam about other drivers, sluggish road projects and cops without turn signals

Sometimes Road Warrior readers just need a chance to vent about bad drivers, dangerous road conditions, road construction that moves at glacial speed and cops who don't follow the rules. Here's what is on their minds. Don't swerve on a curve When did crossing the double yellow line and driving [...]

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Mailbag: Pointing fingers at CHP, walking on Hwy. 12, and applause for Caltrans

When do radar operations become fire hazards? Is it legal to walk along Highway 12? And a love letter to Caltrans. Keep reading. Question: Today I was driving north on 101 just past the northbound airport road on ramp. Sitting behind the fence alongside the highway next to the sign [...]

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