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Big changes at the Road Warrior

We’re changing drivers at the Road Warrior blog. After nearly three years of writing the column — and 29 years at The Press Democrat — I’m retiring on Monday and Linda Castrone, editor of The Press Democrat’s Towns section, will take over Tuesday. She’ll do an excellent job. The column has grown tremendously since it debuted April 22, 2010, with more than 1,000 columns, a total of 3 million page views and more than 7,400 published comments from readers. I… Read More »

Beware of scary e-mail on traffic fines

“Huge California Traffic Ticket Fines Effective 1-6-2011″ That’s the subject line for an e-mail that’s making its way around the Internet, but it’s wrong and probably something someone started just to upset or scare people. In checking with Christine Gentry, court operations manager for the Sonoma County court system, the ONLY increase in fines for traffic violations that went into effect at the start of the year was a $4 fee for air ambulance services. The $4 fee, approved last… Read More »