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Why gas prices are jumping

It was nice while it lasted. Gas prices in Santa Rosa, and across the state, have been rocketing toward $4 a gallon, and analysts say they may even near the record high, set just last fall. On Wednesday, AAA reported that the average for regular was $3.864 a gallon in Santa Rosa, up a couple of cents from the day before, up nearly 20 cents  in the past week and up nearly 30 cents in the past month. A year… Read More »

Santa Rosa gas prices below $4

After record high gas prices last month, Santa Rosa-area drivers are finding their costs continue to drop with the average price now less than $4 a gallon. AAA reported Monday that the average was $3.973 for regular, and that’s getting closer to the average $3.855 a year ago. Last week, it was $4.16 and the record was Oct. 9 at $4.65. Customer reports to gasbuddy.com showed that a few stations in Petaluma were selling gas for $3.77 —  20 cents… Read More »

Local gas prices finally back down to where they were

Santa Rosa’s average gas price has dropped to about where it was before skyrocketing earlier this month, and analysts are forecasting gas will continue to get cheaper for at least a few weeks. AAA on Monday reported that the average price for regular was $4.16 a gallon compared to the $4.15 in late September before an oil pipeline in the state was shut, a Southern California refinery was knocked off line by a power failure and two refineries shut for… Read More »