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Roads Report: Porter Creek, Petaluma Hill, Carneros and Mendocino updates

County crews are rebuilding and repaving Main Street in Monte Rio. (Photo courtesy of Rob Silva)

A flurry of new road projects join those already underway in Sonoma County this week. Watch for state crews to start extensive projects on Highways 12 and 121 in the Carneros region, and county crews to start repaving the final unimproved stretch of Petaluma Hill Road between Petaluma and Cotati. Also this week, a few rural roads get long needed rehabs, and Porter Creek Road closes Wednesday night while bridge girders are delivered. Sonoma – State contractors will spend the next… Read More »

Sound Off: Stop clogging Hwy. 37, where’s the backup, and please don’t stop

Readers have a lot on their minds this week, perhaps because summer vacation is in full swing and those of us working rather than vacationing are feeling the worse for wear. Here’s what three commuters have on their minds. Stop clogging my Highway 37 I just recently started commuting to Sonoma and let me tell you that all of you folks using Hwy 37 as a bypass are making my life a living hell. I can’t tell you how infuriating… Read More »

Chime in, Hwy. 37 commuters

Greg is considering a big move and wants to know how bad the morning traffic is on Highway 37 between American Canyon and Novato. Read his letter below and then tell us what you know. The question: i currently live in novato and work in san rafael, however my family and i are considering a home ‘upgrade’ to american canyon. i currently work off hours but my oldest daughter starts kindergarten this fall in novato. how is the morning commute?… Read More »

Highway 12 closed at night in Napa County

Highway 12 through Jameson Canyon  in Napa County will be closed at night this week  to allow construction crews to do drainage/culvert work as part of widening the road. The highway will be closed 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. Monday through Friday from Highway 29 and Red Top Road, weather permitting. Drivers should use Highway 37 instead of 12 to get to and from Interstate 80. The about $115 million Highway 12 project will widen the road to four lanes… Read More »

Sound Off: Caltrans sign likely cause of Highway 37 backup

Here’s a reader’s comment about Highway 37 traffic with an idea on why it’s become so bad: Your article on the unusual traffic backups on Hwy 37 struck a real cord with me, particularly the comment from a reader who said they only really started happening some four or five months ago.  It’s strange Caltrans couldn’t come up with any better reason for the traffic than to say it was peak tourism season and there were two missing “left lane… Read More »

Mailbag: Why is Highway 37 so congested now?

Here’s a question from a reader: I drive back and forth on Highway 37 every day because I work in Novato.  It seems like the traffic in the afternoons has been horrendous for the last 2-3 months.  It doesn’t matter which day of the week but the backup often extends beyond the Petaluma River and even sometimes it will backup close to 101.  Even more shocking is that it is summer time and kids aren’t even in school so one… Read More »