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Broken meter law and other parking news

A Los Angeles assemblyman has introduced legislation that would prohibit local governments from ticketing motorists who park at broken parking meters, but if passed, it will have little effect in Santa Rosa. Under AB 61, motorists would be permitted to occupy the spaces for the maximum time allowed by the functioning meter, ensuring that parking spots remain available even when the meters are not working properly.  This was the law in California from 1935 to 2012, when Los Angeles passed an… Read More »

Don’t just feed the meter

Arielle wrote to ask about one of those little shortcuts many of us take when we’re running late but also trying to be responsible. Unfortunately, it won’t help us fend off parking tickets. “I know it is illegal to feed other people’s meters, but is it legal in Santa Rosa to put more money in your own parking meter?” Arielle asked. “Is it legal to put more change into the meter when it is about to run out allowing you… Read More »

Mailbag: Parking, potholes and posted speed limits

More about how to avoid traffic tickets You wrote earlier that vehicles must actually leave the block after two hours to avoid tickets in two-hour free parking zones. I would be curious to see a followup on how parking people enforce that – it would seem to require either a prodigious memory on the part of parking officers or careful record keeping in the field to know which cars have moved at least a block and have not returned to… Read More »

Mailbag: Santa Rosa’s parking surveillance SUV; travel time signs

Questions from Road Warrior readers: Santa Rosa’s parking surveillance SUV What is that police car that drivers around and has all the cameras and surveillance equipment on it and has Parking Enforcement on its sides. Are we supposed to believe that vehicle patrols parking spaces? Just curious. Kurt You’re referring to the white Ford Escape hybrid that Santa Rosa started using about two years ago to look for parking violators. It cost $64,957 and is equipped with four cameras, two… Read More »