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Making peace with U-turns

  When is it legal (and safe) to make a U-turn? Road Warrior reader Janelle would like to know. She confronts the issue every night on her way home from work. Santa Rosa experts advise her that the motorists who annoy her are in the right, but only if they turn safely. Question: I work next to Medtronic on Round Barn Blvd. (off Fountaingrove) and everyday multiple cars flip a U turn where there is a break in the center divider.… Read More »

Perfecting the crosswalk yield

It was a long winter, with drivers mowing down pedestrians throughout the county, so who can blame people for seeking the fine points of crosswalk law? Today’s question involves broad, multi-lane intersections. It’s followed by a list of the crosswalk violations most frequently seen in traffic court. How much should we yield for pedestrians in a crosswalk? The question: I was headed Southbound on B Street in Santa Rosa, waiting at the light to turn right on Third Street.  When the… Read More »

No GPS, no music unless they’re hands-free

Update: Read Paul Payne’s follow-up story about the court ruling here. If you’re using your cell phone to get directions or play music while you’re driving, you’re breaking the law. That’s the ruling released Monday by a Fresno County appeals court. After considering People v. Spriggs, the three-judge Superior Court panel ruled that California’s 2008 law banning use of cell phones while driving applies to anything that requires drivers to use their hands. The court’s ruling states: “Our review of… Read More »