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CHP issues first guidelines for motorcyclists who lane split

It’s been one of the more controversial practices by motorcyclists, and now the CHP has issued guidelines on it. We’re talking lane splitting. California is the only state to allow lane splitting by motorcyclists, where the bikers ride between lanes of slow or stopped traffic. While there’s no law allowing lane splitting, there’s no law prohibiting it, so the CHP says it’s legal. CHP Sgt. Mark Pope of the motorcycle safety unit at the CHP’s Sacramento headquarters says the CHP… Read More »

Motorcyclist helmets found to save lives

Here’s an interesting story from the Associated Press:   By Mike Stobbe Associated Press ATLANTA — Fewer motorcyclists die in states that require helmets, and the costs to society are lower too, according to a new federal study released Thursday. About five times as many no-helmet biker deaths occur in states with less restrictive laws, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study found. “These laws save lives,” said Rebecca Naumann, an epidemiologist and the study’s lead author. CDC researchers… Read More »

CHP crackdown on motorcyclists in Lake County

Going for a ride this weekend on your motorcycle? Enjoy, but be on your best behavior in Lake County. The CHP there has received a federal grant via the state Office of Traffic Safety to have two officers on overtime target possible DUIs and traffic violations, particularly among motorcyclists, on weekends. From 2001 to 208, the CHP says, motorcycle-involved collisions in Lake County jumped 144 percent while alcohol-involved crashes rose 13 percent. “You have so much less leeway and margin… Read More »

Motorcycle safety crackdown in Santa Rosa

With motorcycle accidents on the increase, Santa Rosa police on Tuesday will be cracking down on traffic violations that could led to motorcycle collisions. Extra officers will patrol city streets frequently used by motorcyclists and where motorcycle crashes have occurred and will ticket motorcyclists and other drivers, Sgt. Rich Celli said in a statement. He said motorcyclist deaths in California have more than doubled since 2000, from 276 then to 560 in 2008. Last year, 48 motorcycle accidents occurred in… Read More »

Vote for the worst drivers on the road

In recent postings about motorcyclists and bicyclists, there have been a lot of comments regarding who, in general, really are the worst in following traffic laws. Is it people in their cars? Motorcyclists? Bicyclists? Truckers? Pedestrians even? So we thought we’d put up a poll and ask you for your vote. The poll is at The Press Democrat’s Web page but you have to scroll down a ways on the right side to find it CLICK HERE.

More on motorcycles ‘splitting lanes’

Our previous posting on motorcycles “splitting lanes” touched off quite a few comments on the safety and sanity of the practice. (Read the previous post here.) Regarding comments over who’s responsible for avoiding any collision between motorcycles and other vehicles, CHP Officer Jon Sloat said “splitting lanes” is an issue of “equal responsibility.” “The motorcyclist has to do it safely,” he said, and drivers of “cars and trucks have to be sure it’s safe to change lanes” — that means… Read More »

Splitting lanes

You’re driving down 101 when suddenly a motorcyclist zooms past between you and the next car. Is that legal? It’s called “splitting lanes,” and, yes, it’s legal. Or as CHP Officer Jon Sloat described it: “There’s no law that says it’s not.” He said the motorcyclists can only do such passing between lanes, not on the shoulders, and only “as long as it’s safe” and they’re not speeding. So the next time you’re contemplating changing lanes, check not only to… Read More »