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Motorcycle riders rant about traffic lights

Sometimes motorcycles trigger the turn signals, sometimes they don’t. What gives? Just ask Jeff and McRider. Question: Why don’t left turn arrows turn green for motorcycles alone in the left turn lane? Will a long overdue fix ever come? It usually happens to me late at night, or whenever I am alone in the left turn lane, the arrow does not change to green. Some examples: College Ave & Morgan St., Guerneville Rd & Marlow Rd., Guerneville Rd & Coffey… Read More »

Fix a pothole? Rohnert Park has an app for that

Find a pothole that needs to be fixed? A stop sign knocked over? A street light out? You can report problems like those and more in Rohnert Park to the city via your smartphone. Pat Barnes, the city’s deputy city engineer, says that with the app, one could take a photo of a problem, such as a pothole or a knocked over street sign, and send it in to the city along with location and any comments. That message is… Read More »

The worst road in Sonoma County is …

It’s only a mile long, but it’s narrow, cracked, sections of its sides are dropping away and it’s riddled with pothole patches with more potholes unfilled. It’s Keiser Avenue in Rohnert Park, and it’s the worst road in Sonoma County, according to readers who voted in the Road Warrior’s Third Annual Worst Road Contest. A total of 82 roads were singled out by readers as their worst, and although Keiser “won” this year, a drive around the county, particularly in… Read More »

Mailbag: Didn’t they just pave those streets?

A reader asks: Dear Road Warrior, maybe you can help clarify something for me. Last week, city workers were doing paving work on various streets in Rohnert Park, including Southwest Blvd, State Farm Drive, and Enterprise Drive. My question for you to find out is why they did this? These streets were repaved (or whatever the term for placing an oil-based surface on the roadway is) and are in good shape. There are other streets in Rohnert Park (Snyder Lane… Read More »