Sonoma County shifts road funding priorities

'Use it or lose it' state funding goes to road maintenance, rail crossings in Penngrove and Fulton, three bridge projects and Graton roundabout.

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Is traffic unusually light?

Accustomed to heavy traffic, one reader is bewildered by his strangely calm commute.

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Mailbag: When will SMART upgrade Airport Boulevard crossing?

SMART's on track with upgrades in north county; Airport Blvd. isn't among them.

By | October 17th, 2013|2 Comments

Roads Report: Sonoma work begins and this week’s county projects

Caltrans has started two repair projects in Sonoma -- on State Route 12 from Napa Road to the junction with State Route 121, and on State Route 121 near Schellville from State Route 37 to the Sonoma Creek Bridge (near the junction with State Route 116). This work will continue [...]

By | August 5th, 2013|1 Comment

Adobe Road closed Saturday for SMART work and other cone zones

Road work continues throughout Sonoma County with very little new to report other than a one-day road closure in Penngrove and two one-day projects on small roads near the Geysers and northwest of Santa Rosa. Here's what to expect this week: On Saturday, June 1, SMART crews will close the [...]

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Updated: Construction hot spots in Sonoma County

Updated to include details about the sewer replacement work at Montgomery Drive and Farmers Lane in Santa Rosa.  Life slows down in Sonoma County after the weekend excitement of the bicycle race and Rose Parade in Santa Rosa, and American Graffiti cruise in Petaluma. Similarly, road projects continue with little [...]

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Mailbag: Straddling white line on offramp; Penngrove turn dilemma

Here's a question from a reader: Can you get a ticket for straddling a solid white line on the offramp from the freeway? Millie The answer comes from CHP Officer Jon Sloat, who says, "By the LETTER of the law, you technically could be cited for straddling the white line [...]

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Highway 1, 101, 121 lane closures this week

Caltrans announced the following lane closures for this week: Highway 1 --One-way traffic control from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday from Shotgun Point and Sea Walk Drive on the northern Sonoma County coast for paving and striping work. Highway 121 --One-way traffic control from 9 p.m. to [...]

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SMART road closure in Penngrove

SMART construction crews are scheduled Saturday to have closed Main Street in Penngrove at the railroad tracks. The road is to reopen at 9 p.m. Saturday. The closure is part of the rail district's upgrade of the tracks through Sonoma County. Crews are tearing out old crossings and putting in [...]

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Did CHP, Caltrans do enough in 101 closure?

When two trucks collided during the morning commute a couple of weeks on Highway 101 in Cotati, northbound lanes were closed for hours, leaving many commuters fuming. Some Road Warrior readers wondered if the CHP and Caltrans could have done more to alleviate the massive congestion that the closure caused. [...]

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