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Mailbag: More complaints about Santa Rosa intersections; Petaluma project

Our previous Mailbag column generated comments and questions from readers: From Tim: I have been doing a lot of driving in the Coddingtown area as of late and noticed an area of concern: Can you have someone look into the intersection of Cleveland Ave. & Guerneville Road? Specifically, going eastbound on Guerneville and turning north onto Cleveland the light stays green for LESS than 10 seconds. The dangerous part is most drivers are not aware of this, and I witnessed… Read More »

Big changes coming on Highway 101

The widening of Highway 101 is about to take some big leaps forward. –This week, weather permitting, Caltrans says, construction crews will begin the final paving of 101 from Rohnert Park Expressway to Petaluma Boulevard North, doing the work overnight to limit traffic delays. Northbound work is scheduled for 7 p.m. to 6 a.m., while southbound is 7 p.m. to 5 a.m., ending an hour earlier to get out of the way of commuters. At some point the paving will… Read More »

Update on Highway 101 project

If you’re tired of the uneven pavement on Highway 101 between Rohnert Park and Petaluma, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Caltrans spokesman Robert Haus says the final paving project is set to start June 4 and will take about four to six weeks to complete. That’s weather permitting. A streak of rain or unusually cold weather could pushed that back a bit. As for the last segments of the Wilfred Avenue and Commerce Boulevard overpasses in Rohnert… Read More »

Mailbag: Stony Point speed limit? U-turns in front of schools?

Here’s a question from a reader: I’m wondering if you can clarify the speed limit on Stony Point Road between Rohnert Park Expressway and Petaluma Blvd. North. If you are heading south on Stony Point, just a bit after Rohnert Park Expressway, there is a sign that says “End 50 MPH.” There is not another speed limit sign posted heading south after that one sign.  To me, that means I can go 55 mph.  Is that right? If you are… Read More »

115 traffic stops in Petaluma bicycle/pedestrian safety crackdown

                    The results are in from Friday’s bicycle/pedestrian safety enforcement by Petaluma police. The seven traffic officers who worked from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. made 115 traffic stops, with 83 ending in warnings and 32 in tickets. Police Sgt. Ken Savano said that among the bicycle violations were riding without a helmet, riding on the wrong side of the road and running stop signs. For pedestrians, they included jay walking,… Read More »

Mailbag: Aren’t they going to finish paving 101?

Here’s a question from a Road Warrior reader: Is Caltrans done with its 101 work now, as what appears to be completed lanes have not been repaved and have bumps galore and confusing dents in the road, etc.? Tamara The answer comes from Caltrans spokesman Robert Haus. He said Caltrans isn’t done but basically is taking a break for the winter. He said Caltrans officials decided they wanted to open up the extra lanes from Rohnert Park Expressway south to… Read More »

Hwy. 101 lanes to open Nov. 30

Caltrans plans to open up Nov. 30 the extra north and southbound lanes on Highway 101 from Rohnert Park Expressway south to Petaluma Boulevard North, making 101 three lanes in each direction. The highway will remain only two lanes in each direction from Rohnert Park Expressway north to Santa Rosa Avenue, and that stretch is not expected to be widened until late 2012 because crews need to finish building the new Commerce Boulevard-Wilfred Avenue overpass. So there will be traffic… Read More »

Extra lanes to open on Hwy. 101

Some relief is coming for drivers tired of dealing with the Highway 101 construction from Rohnert Park to northern Petaluma. Caltrans spokesman Robert Haus said, weather permitting, the agency plans to open up in mid- to late November the extra north and southbound lanes on 101 from Rohnert Park Expressway south to Petaluma Boulevard North, making 101 three lanes in each direction. But the highway will remain only two lanes in each direction from Rohnert Park Expressway north to Santa… Read More »

DUI checkpoints net 0 DUIs

Two DUI/license checkpoints Friday night in Petaluma screened 987 drivers, but police didn’t find any suspected DUIs. But Petaluma police said they did arrest three drivers on suspicion of driving without a license, and two others on suspicion of driving on a suspended license. One of those two also was cited for having false registration stickers on her car. The first checkpoint was on Sonoma Mountain Parkway and then later in the evening the officers moved to Petaluma Boulevard North… Read More »

55-mph zone extended on Hwy. 101

With construction work on widening Highway 101 now extended from Pepper Road to just south of Petaluma Boulevard North, Caltrans has lowered the speed limit there to 55 mph. CHP Officer Jon Sloat promises “regular enforcement in the area.” Typically, he said, officers will park in the construction zone on the other side of the K-rail and watch for speeders. If you do get caught — after all, unless there’s congestion to slow them, many, if not most, drivers exceed… Read More »