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Petaluma 101 work resumes and other Sonoma County road projects

Caltrans will resume work Wednesday on the highway bridges over the Petaluma River after a request to halt the project was denied by a federal judge. Environmental groups sued in May, saying that netting designed to keep migratory cliff swallows away from the $130 million bridge project entangled and killed dozens of birds. Read Matt Brown’s story about the ruling HERE. Construction details will follow. Caltrans also has plans to close the northbound U.S. 101 on-ramp from South Petaluma Boulevard… Read More »

Mailbag: Petaluma roundabout, illegal U-turn

Here’s a question from a Road Warrior reader: For the last 3 weeks I’ve watched the police presence at the roundabout near 101 on Petaluma Blvd S change from enforcement to encroachment.  There’s been an officer stationed at the roundabout 4 of 5 mornings every single week, often with TWO officers in the region.  I feel like the city is trying to harvest ticket revenue from the area. I’ve been commuting this area for months and don’t understand the issue.  If… Read More »