Cinco de Mayo DUI crackdown

It's Cinco de Mayo today, and police across Sonoma County will be looking for drivers who've partied too much. The county's Avoid the 13 DUI Task Force, in cooperation with the county's various police agencies, plans extra patrols with the primary purpose of arresting DUI drivers. The added enforcement is [...]

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Petaluma DUI checkpoints tonight

Petaluma police tonight plan two DUI/license checkpoints. As usual, police declined to say where the checkpoints will be. Sgt. Ken Savano said the first checkpoint will start at 6 p.m. and at some point in the evening it will be moved to the second location, ending at about 2 a.m. [...]

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Cell phone crackdown under way

It's one of the biggest complaints of Road Warrior readers: Drivers illegally on their cell phones. Starting today, hundreds of police agencies around the state, including the CHP and Petaluma police, are cracking down on drivers who violate the hands-free law. It's a zero-tolerance crackdown; no warnings. Petaluma's crackdown will [...]

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Petaluma’s most dangerous intersections

Here’s a look at Petaluma’s top collision intersections for 2010, according to the Police Department: First: McDowell Boulevard at East Washington Street, with 12. Police say all of the collisions occurred during daylight hours, 81 percent involved property damage only, 64 percent were caused by unsafe speed, 63 percent were [...]

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Fewest collisions in Petaluma in 25 years

Petaluma last year recorded the fewest collisions since the Police Department began keeping track in 1986. The department’s annual traffic report, issued by Sgt. Ken Savano, showed 633 collisions occurred in 2010, down from the 748 in 2009 and down from the yearly average of almost 1,000 five years ago. [...]

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Thanksgiving DUI crackdown

Starting tonight and continuing through Sunday night, local police officers are stepping up their DUI enforcement. Among the agencies participating are the CHP and Petaluma police. Petaluma Sgt. Ken Savano said extra officers will be on the streets in some areas, and all officers are being extra vigilant for DUI [...]

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Crackdown under way on seat belt violators

A two-week crackdown starts today on those who don't use their seat belts. More than 100 police agencies statewide, including the CHP and Petaluma police, are participating in the special campaign, funded by the state Office of Traffic Safety via the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The crackdown, which occurs [...]

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Mailbag: Aren’t these illegal?

Question from a Road Warrior reader: I see cars with what I believe are illegal changes. Do you know if they are? --Aftermarket tinting on windows. --Tinting headlights/tail lights etc. -- Lifted trucks (like really high). May be illegal because I believe there is a section that says the lights [...]

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4-time DUI suspect arrested at Petaluma checkpoint

Of the 22 drivers arrested Saturday night at Petaluma's latest DUI/license checkpoint, one was a 33-year-old Petaluma man who had been convicted three times of DUI. Petaluma Police Sgt. Ken Savano said Amador Fernandez Hernandez ignored stop signs at the checkpoint and an officer's order to halt before finally stopping [...]

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21 arrested at Petaluma DUI/driving checkpoint

Twenty-one people were arrested Friday night in Petaluma's latest DUI/driver's license checkpoints, police say. Of the total of 1,021 drivers screened at two checkpoints -- Old Redwood Highway at North McDowell Boulevard Extension and Petaluma Boulevard South near K Street -- three were arrested on suspicion of DUI, nine on [...]

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