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Roads Report: Sonoma work begins and this week’s county projects

Caltrans has started two repair projects in Sonoma — on State Route 12 from Napa Road to the junction with State Route 121, and on State Route 121 near Schellville from State Route 37 to the Sonoma Creek Bridge (near the junction with State Route 116). This work will continue for the next few months while the contractor repairs the roadway, removes old pavement and repaves. Most of the work will be completed at night, with increased noise as the… Read More »

Mailbag: Parking, potholes and posted speed limits

More about how to avoid traffic tickets You wrote earlier that vehicles must actually leave the block after two hours to avoid tickets in two-hour free parking zones. I would be curious to see a followup on how parking people enforce that – it would seem to require either a prodigious memory on the part of parking officers or careful record keeping in the field to know which cars have moved at least a block and have not returned to… Read More »

Mailbag: Alerting DMV to problem elderly drivers; carpool lanes; Barnes Road

Here’s a question from a reader: Is there a place to anonymously alert someone about an elderly driver who should no longer be driving? The answer comes from DMV spokeswoman Jessica Gonzalez, who pointed us to the DMV website where there’s a form you can fill out and send in anonymously. CLICK HERE to get the form. She said once the DMV receives the form, a worker will call the elderly driver and, depending on information derived during the conversation,… Read More »

Caltrans adding stoplights to 2 Highway 101 offramps

Caltrans on Monday night begins work to add traffic lights on the southbound Highway 101 offramps for River and Shiloh roads, and both offramps will be closed At 7 p.m. Monday, construction crews will close the Shiloh offramp for two to three hours and then at 10 p.m. they’ll close the River Road offramp for two to three hours, both to allow the crews to do preparatory work, Caltrans said. On Tuesday, during the same night hours, crews will move… Read More »

Traffic delays at Wohler, Hacienda bridges

Traffic delays are expected today at Wohler and Hacienda bridges as a Caltrans crew performs regular safety inspections. Wohler Bridge will be closed 30 minutes at a time to allow the inspector to work. That inspection is expected to wrap up by noon, said David Dammuller, an engineer with the Sonoma County Transportation and Public Works Department. The Caltrans crew then will move to Hacienda Bridge on River Road, where one lane will be closed at a time to allow… Read More »

Possible traffic delays on Sonoma County roads

The Sonoma County Department of Transportation and Public Works and CHP say a few road projects around the county could cause traffic delays this week: –Bennett Valley Road for brush cutting. –Bloomfield Road, from Valley Ford to Canfield roads, for ditching work, from today through Aug. 12. –Browns Lane, from Lakeville Highway to South Ely Road, is closed because of a sewer main failure that occurred Saturday. –Geysers Road for some paving repairs. –Mueller and Vine Hill roads at Highway… Read More »