When traffic signals think for themselves

Santa Rosa's 46 'smart' signals decide how many cars turn left before they turn red.

By | November 20th, 2013|9 Comments

Mailbag: Lobby for road repairs, triangles on the pavement and more

How can you draw attention to bad roads? What are those triangles showing up on Santa Rosa streets? And when will roadwork be done on Bloomfield Road? Here's what has been on Road Warrior readers' minds. Question: Mueller Rd. between Hwy. 116 and Graton Rd is desperately in need of a [...]

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Mailbag: Sun glare really does mess with traffic signals, and more

How to interpret HOV lanes on on-ramps and other answers.

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Mailbag: Big wet kisses and what’s up?

This week readers sent some kudos to the traffic folks and a few questions about smog checks and turn arrows.

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Santa Rosa’s longest traffic light? Farmers at 4th St.

If it feels like you sit forever at the traffic light at Farmers Lane and Fourth Street/Highway 12, that's because it is Santa Rosa's longest light

By | September 5th, 2013|13 Comments

Mailbag: Speeding to the casino, training kids to use the crosswalk and an easy adjustment

This week's letters came from readers worried about a casino bus hurrying to deliver its passengers,  a group of kids rushing to the park and a traffic light malfunction. The first two got where they were going but cut some corners in the process. The traffic signal needed an adjustment. [...]

By | July 11th, 2013|3 Comments

Motorcycle riders rant about traffic lights

Sometimes motorcycles trigger the turn signals, sometimes they don't. What gives? Just ask Jeff and McRider. Question: Why don’t left turn arrows turn green for motorcycles alone in the left turn lane? Will a long overdue fix ever come? It usually happens to me late at night, or whenever I [...]

By | June 6th, 2013|11 Comments

Gotcha covered, coming and going

Catherine de la Cruz wrote to ask about putting a Deer Crossing sign on Summerfield Road near Hoen. "A small herd of deer -- at least two bucks, three does, one with twin fawns old enough to follow her -- live in the CalTrans ROW and regularly cross Summerfield," she [...]

By | June 5th, 2013|3 Comments

Your 101/Airport Blvd. questions answered

Work started last night on the new interchange at Airport Blvd. and Highway 101, and readers have sent a lot of questions. Answers are coming in a few at a time. Here's what we learned today from Rob Sprinkle, Santa Rosa traffic engineer, and  Tom O'Kane, deputy director of Sonoma [...]

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Is the traffic light broken?

No commuter ever enjoys stopping for red lights, but sitting through several light cycles or being stopped for no apparent reason can really get the blood boiling. Two readers asked about locations that bring lots of mail: Santa Rosa Avenue at Hearn Avenue, and Fountaingrove Parkway. Santa Rosa Traffic Engineer [...]

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