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How would you pay for road repairs?

It’s hard to argue with the statement that Sonoma County roads are in bad shape, but when grass roots group Save Our Sonoma Roads conducted an online survey, 509 of the 624 respondents described them as “bad” or “terrible.” The county has 1,382 miles of roads, but pavement maintenance is funded for only 200 miles. The remaining 1,182 miles receive only pothole filling, according to SOS. How to fix the problem is a different discussion. In results of the survey… Read More »

Your chance to get answers about road repairs

Plenty of Road Warrior readers write in to tell us how bad Sonoma County’s roads are. Now, you have a chance to ask county officials what they plan to do to fix them. From 5 to 7 p.m. Wednesday, county Supervisors Shirlee Zane and David Rabbitt and Public Works Director Phil Demery will attend a forum in Rohnert Park put on by the group Save Our Sonoma Roads at Sally Tomatoes in Rohnert Park’s Sonoma Mountain Village — the old… Read More »

Group pushing for better roads netting headlines, success

It’s only about a year old, but the group Save Our Sonoma Roads is making headlines and scoring some success. Last Tuesday, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors approved spending $6.5 million on repairs for 13.2 miles of roads — a feat that SOS Roads takes some credit for. Last Thursday, the Wall St. Journal published a story in its Bay Area edition on SOS’s campaign to get the county to spend more on road repairs. The article promptly was… Read More »

The worst road in Sonoma County is …

It’s only a mile long, but it’s narrow, cracked, sections of its sides are dropping away and it’s riddled with pothole patches with more potholes unfilled. It’s Keiser Avenue in Rohnert Park, and it’s the worst road in Sonoma County, according to readers who voted in the Road Warrior’s Third Annual Worst Road Contest. A total of 82 roads were singled out by readers as their worst, and although Keiser “won” this year, a drive around the county, particularly in… Read More »

Group forms to push for better county roads

Anyone who’s grumbled about the condition of Sonoma County roads has a new friend. A group of county residents recently formed Save Our Sonoma Roads to lobby local elected officials to spend more money on road maintenance and improvements. Craig S. Harrison, who lives along Sonoma Mountain Road in the Bennett Valley area, and Michael Troy, who lives along Lichau Road east of Rohnert Park, cofounded the group and helped set up its website, SOSRoads.org. Harrison said that as president… Read More »