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Mailbag: Occidental Road, right of way on on/offramps, understanding speed limit signs

Here are questions from Road Warrior readers: Occidental Road needs striping The center line striping on Occidental Road between Fulton Road and Highway 116 is totally worn.  The reflective dots are missing or covered in oil.  Really scary driving are night and especially during the rain. Jerry The answer comes from Tom O’Kane, deputy director of the Sonoma County Public Works and Transportation Department: “There are many miles of county roads that are in need of restriping. We lost our… Read More »

Sound Off: Sebastopol mess, danger at 116/Occidental Road

Here are comments by Road Warrior readers: Traffic mess in Sebastopol Thanks for your forum to allow us to express concerns about things that our traffic people are doing (or not doing) to our traffic flows.  I apologize in advance if this sounds more brash than it should, but I am very frustrated with two things. First:  During construction recently at The Barlow (the project in Sebastopol at Highway 12 and Morris — already a highly sensitive chokepoint)) street work… Read More »

Mailbag: A Sebastopol crosswalk hazard? Fixing Hwy. 101 from Windsor to Healdsburg

  Here’s a question from a Road Warrior reader. It was quite lengthy, so we’ve edited it down a bit: I have a big concern about the Caltrans work on the crosswalks in  Sebastopol.  The flashing lights on the crosswalks are great.  However, several of the crosswalks now have a person-height electrical-type box on the sidewalk that obscures the view of a person ready to cross the street. WHY in the world did they place these on the side of… Read More »

Anti-DUI task force gets $300,000

Sonoma County’s anti-DUI campaign will continue after the state awarded a $300,000 grant for the Avoid the 13 task force. The task force, which includes all police agencies in the county and is coordinated by Petaluma police, had a three-year grant of $659,000 that ended Sept. 30. The money pays for various anti-DUI operations, such as checkpoints and saturation patrols, and covers the overtime of officers participating in the operations. Petaluma Sgt. Ken Savano, who is in his fourth year… Read More »

Did CHP, Caltrans do enough in 101 closure?

When two trucks collided during the morning commute a couple of weeks on Highway 101 in Cotati, northbound lanes were closed for hours, leaving many commuters fuming. Some Road Warrior readers wondered if the CHP and Caltrans could have done more to alleviate the massive congestion that the closure caused. “It would have been very helpful to start diverting traffic off in Petaluma or Penngrove. It was ridiculous that there were no CHP to direct traffic so it continued to… Read More »

Bay Area annual pothole report

Roads maintained by Sonoma County no longer are the worst in the Bay Area — they’re second worse. In its annual pothole report, the Metropolitan Transportation Commission reported today that the county roads last year had a pavement condition index of 45, which is rated as poor. But that’s one point higher than the rating of 44 that the county received in 2006, 2007 and 2008 — all years in which it ranked at the bottom of MTC’s list. The… Read More »

Tickets plunge in Cotati, Rohnert Park, jump in Windsor

The number of traffic tickets issued last year by police in Cotati and Rohnert Park dropped by more than half while the number in Windsor soared, according to Sonoma County traffic court records. A total of 80,395 tickets in 2010 were filed for processing with the court, up from 77,351 in 2009. The tickets were from all local police agencies, from the CHP to state Fish and Game to park departments, and covered all types of traffic violations. The CHP… Read More »

DUI crackdown on St. Patrick’s Day

A special DUI strike team of police officers will patrol downtown Cotati on Thursday to arrest anyone who celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with too much to drink. Other extra officers will be focusing on areas in the Sonoma County with high incidents of DUI collisions and arrests, all part of the county’s Avoid the 13 DUI Task Force. The strike team, comprised of officers from the CHP and Cotati, Sebastopol, Sonoma State University and Petaluma police departments, specifically are targeting… Read More »