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Mailbag: ‘Children’ in crosswalks, annoying blue headlights and emergency vehicles without sirens

How do you define “children” in school zones? Are those harsh blue headlights legal? When must emergency vehicles use their sirens? The answers to these reader questions follow. When are “children” present? I frequently drive Fulton Road past Piner High School. There is signage that says it’s a 25 mph zone when “Children Are Present.” My question is, since most upper class high school students are adult sized, how can you tell when children are present as opposed to ordinary… Read More »

Mailbag: Sign spinners legality? Jaywalking, South Wright Road

Here’s a question from a reader: I have been concerned by the increasing number of blind spots being created by “sign spinners,” for the lack of another name. They are positioning themselves at busy street corners and rocking very large signs back and forth, blocking drivers’ views of oncoming traffic. I could not turn right at the intersection of College Ave. and Cleveland Ave. the other day because I could not tell if it was clear to do so. I… Read More »