Sonoma County postpones roads tax plan

Facing political pressure from city officials and increasingly uncertain prospects at the ballot box, Sonoma County has put the brakes on a plan to pursue a quarter-cent sales tax measure in November to fix the county’s crumbling road network.

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County road tax proposal moves forward

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors is moving ahead with plans to place a quarter-cent sales tax for roads on the November ballot.

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Mailbag: Lobby for road repairs, triangles on the pavement and more

How can you draw attention to bad roads? What are those triangles showing up on Santa Rosa streets? And when will roadwork be done on Bloomfield Road? Here's what has been on Road Warrior readers' minds. Question: Mueller Rd. between Hwy. 116 and Graton Rd is desperately in need of a [...]

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County lists roads to be repaired, repaved in spring, summer

  About 50 miles of Sonoma County-maintained roads are on track to get some type of major repairs next spring and summer. The roads include 14 that got the headlines last week when the county Board of Supervisors approved $6.5 million for that work, but there are several [...]

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List of 13.2 miles of roads county plans to improve

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday agreed to spend $6.5 million to improve 13.2 miles of roads. The roads will get various types of improvements or repair work, and officials said they were selected because of their agricultural or tourism connection. Here's the list, with how much of [...]

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List of additional roads Sonoma County decided to save

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday agreed to add about 42 miles of roads to the county's list of priority roads that will receive enough maintenance to keep them in good shape. That's on top of the 155.9 miles of roads that the board made a priority last [...]

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10 Christmas wishes for Sonoma County drivers

Here's my Christmas wish list for drivers: 1. That everyone who just has to use their cellphone while driving goes hands-free. Buy a Bluetooth or something. Too many times have I seen a driver holding his/her phone and not paying attention. 2. That those who violate the cellphone law get [...]

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