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Lakeville tree work to cause traffic delays

From this Monday through Thursday, Dec. 18, a county contractor will be doing tree work along Lakeville Road between Highway 37 and Highway 116. The work includes the removal of 24 trees that have been identified as diseased or dying, and the safety pruning of 100 other eucalyptus trees at various locations along the route. The contractor for the project is Bay Area Tree Specialist. Work will be done from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day. One lane traffic… Read More »

Mailbag: Parking, potholes and posted speed limits

More about how to avoid traffic tickets You wrote earlier that vehicles must actually leave the block after two hours to avoid tickets in two-hour free parking zones. I would be curious to see a followup on how parking people enforce that – it would seem to require either a prodigious memory on the part of parking officers or careful record keeping in the field to know which cars have moved at least a block and have not returned to… Read More »

Flooding shuts Sonoma County roads

The Sonoma County roads department reports that as of late morning Wednesday, these roads are closed because of flooding: – Valley Ford Road east of Highway 1. – Green Valley Road from Thomas to Sullivan roads. ————– Follow the Road Warrior on Twitter via @PDRoadWarrior

Last storm-closed roads open

The last two roads in Sonoma County closed by the aftermath of last weekend’s storms reopened Tuesday, the county roads department says. Wohler Road had been flooded at River Road, and Trenton Road was flooded between Laguna and River roads. During the height of the storms, at least 25 roads maintained by the county were closed, says Rob Silva, roads department operations manager of the county Department of Transportation and Public Works. Most of those were because trees fell and… Read More »