Sonoma County road repair update

Roads crews will continue catching up on pothole patching this week throughout the county.

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Bennett Valley Road paving to begin next week

Sonoma County transportation officials announced that work will begin next week to repave 2.5 miles of Bennett Valley Road.

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Work begins at Doran Beach

Anyone who has driven out to Doran Beach in Bodega Bay can tell you how bad the road was, but in a few weeks the bumpy nightmare will be replaced by a brand new ribbon of asphalt. Sonoma County Senior Engineer Janice Thompson, who is managing this project, shot this [...]

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Update on Highway 101/Airport Blvd. construction

Those of you who work in the Airport Blvd. business cluster already know about road closures and detours, but what about Jake, a reader who makes an occasional trip to the Charles M. Schulz - Sonoma County Airport? "Yesterday, I went to the Charles Schulz Airport via 101 from Santa [...]

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A happy ending at Airport Blvd.

Whose responsibility is it to maintain the landscaping around highway parcels? Sometimes it's hard to tell. Steve Mosher wrote in to ask about a lot near the Airport Boulevard freeway exchange that was so full of weeds he could barely walk past them on the sidewalk. He said last year [...]

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County lists roads to be repaired, repaved in spring, summer

  About 50 miles of Sonoma County-maintained roads are on track to get some type of major repairs next spring and summer. The roads include 14 that got the headlines last week when the county Board of Supervisors approved $6.5 million for that work, but there are several [...]

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Traffic delays on Lakeville Highway again

Crews today are to resume cutting and trimming eucalyptus trees along Lakeville Highway, likely causing some traffic delays  between Petaluma and Highway 37. One-way traffic control will be in effect from about Old Lakeville Road 2 to Old Lakeville Road 3, reported Rob Silva, roads division manager of the Sonoma [...]

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Traffic delays for several days on Lakeville Highway

Drivers can expect delays starting Thursday and continuing into next week on Lakeville Highway between Petaluma and Highway 37. One-way traffic control will be in effect from about Old Lakeville Road 2 to Old Lakeville Road 3 to allow crews to remove two diseased eucalyptus trees and to cut dead [...]

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List of additional roads Sonoma County decided to save

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday agreed to add about 42 miles of roads to the county's list of priority roads that will receive enough maintenance to keep them in good shape. That's on top of the 155.9 miles of roads that the board made a priority last [...]

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How good, bad, ugly is your road? See maps to find out

The Sonoma County roads department has developed color-coded maps showing the conditions -- from excellent to failing -- of all of the roads it is responsible for. If you live on a county-maintained road, you can find it below in one of these maps. Conditions of roads maintained by Caltrans [...]

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