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Graffiti crosswalks and SOS goes national

In case you missed them, two stories of local interest made the news this week. The Times-Herald reports that a Vallejo man was arrested Thursday morning for spray-painting a crosswalk on Sonoma Boulevard at Illinois Street. City workers spotted Anthony Cardenas committing the act of graffiti art, according to Solano County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Brad DeWall said. “He did give a statement,” DeWall said. “I believe he said it needed a crosswalk there.” Caltrans crews planned to paint over the graffiti… Read More »

How to pay for better roads: Take the survey

SOSroads, a group lobbying for better road maintenance in Sonoma County, is looking for your comments on how the county should finance improvements. The group, which is about a year and a half old, is conducting an online survey with some general questions but particularly includes questions on possible ways to pay for better roads, including: –Raising  taxes. –Devoting more of the county budget to roads. –Cutting county workers’ salaries and benefits by 5 percent and use that money for… Read More »