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KGO’s legendary Stan Burford calls it quits

After more than three decades of keeping his eye on Bay Area traffic congestion and guiding commuters through it, KGO radio’s Stan Burford is calling it quits. “I’m 69 and I turn 70 in December,” the dean of Bay Area traffic reporters explained when asked why he’s retiring. His 51-year career in radio and TV broadcasting — the last 32 at KGO radio 810 AM — ends Friday. When he started his traffic reports, Sonoma County traffic wasn’t on the… Read More »

Everyone has a pet peeve about driving

Every driver has some pet peeve about other drivers when they’re on the road. Something they see so many drivers do and wish they wouldn’t. The Road Warrior contacted people who drive as part of their jobs and this is what they listed: CHP Commissioner Joe Farrow “To me, it’s pretty simple,” Farrow says. “To this day, it’s texting and cell phone use even though it’s against the law.” He says that when he’s driving a marked CHP car he… Read More »