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Your speedometer often exceeds reality

Here’s an interesting story from the Associated Press: By TOM KRISHER AP Auto Writer DETROIT — The speedometer on the Toyota Yaris says the tiny car can go 140 miles per hour. In reality, the bulbous subcompact’s 106-horsepower engine and automatic transmission can’t push it any faster than 109. So why do the Yaris — and most other cars sold in the U.S. — have speedometers that show top speeds they can’t possibly reach? The answer has deep roots in… Read More »

Most stolen cars/pickups/SUVs in Sonoma County

  Here are lists of the top 10 most stolen vehicles in Sonoma County in 2010, the latest year for which data is available: CARS 1. 1992 Honda Accord 2. 1991 Toyota Camry 3. 1997 Honda Accord 4. 1990 Honda Accord 5.1999 Honda Civic 6. 1996 Honda Accord 7. 1998 Honda Civic 8. 1994 Honda Accord 9. 1990 Toyota Camry 10. 1995 Honda Civic   PICKUPS/SUVS 1. 1999 Ford F-250 2. 1986 Toyota pickup 3. 1993 Nissan Pathfinder 4. 1987… Read More »

Ever wonder about those flowers along 101?

A reader writes: What’s the deal with the roadside flower mosaics? Who maintains them, what are they for and can anyone get one? JL The answer: Eleven such flower mosaics are in the state — nine in Southern California and two in the Bay Area, with the nearest one along southbound Highway 101 in Novato, between Rowland Boulevard and Highway 37, according to Caltrans. The other Bay Area mosaic is in Campbell. All 11 are sponsored by Toyota, which had… Read More »