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Trying to make sense out of getting around

Spotted on 101: Things that make you go hmmm …

Radar guns, stop signs and photo opps too good to pass up. Those of us who spend lots of time in our cars tend to think a lot, which may be why we have so many questions. Read on for two Highway 101 head-scratchers and something that will make you go smile. Question: What’s up with CHP officers standing beside their cars and pointing radar at oncoming traffic?  How do they catch a speeder that way? — Maria Answer: The radar units… Read More »

Making peace with U-turns

  When is it legal (and safe) to make a U-turn? Road Warrior reader Janelle would like to know. She confronts the issue every night on her way home from work. Santa Rosa experts advise her that the motorists who annoy her are in the right, but only if they turn safely. Question: I work next to Medtronic on Round Barn Blvd. (off Fountaingrove) and everyday multiple cars flip a U turn where there is a break in the center divider.… Read More »