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1 speed camera = 116,734 tickets = $11.6 million in fines

One of the Road Warrior’s readers who lives on the East Coast has been busy keeping us up to date with traffic issues there, so we thought we’d share some of them: — In Washington, D.C., there’s a speed camera that over 23 months issued 116,734 tickets with fines totaling $11.6 million, the Washington Post reports. That’s ONE camera. Two cameras on Interstate 295 in D.C. teamed up for 116,399 tickets with fines totaling $15.9 million. And readers here gripe… Read More »

Is the gas-tax-free ride ending for electric vehicles?

Californians who drive electric-powered cars are getting a free ride when it comes to gas taxes that pay for much of road maintenance costs, but that could end if a national movement to charge owners a fee spreads here. “Its not here yet, but we anticipate it’s not far away,” said Jay Friedland, legislative director for Plug in America, a California-based nonprofit that advocates for electric vehicles. Legislative efforts to levy a fee on electric vehicles are gaining attention in… Read More »

Economy eases Bay Area commute

The sputtering economy continues to put the brakes on Bay Area traffic congestion during commute hours. For the third year in a row, congestion in the San Francisco-Oakland area is adding 50 hours a year to the average commuter’s drive, down from as high as 74 hours in 2006 and 2005, according to an annual report by the Texas Transportation Institute. As the recession hit, commuter delays took a dive in 2008, falling to 50 hours from 2007′s 71 hours.… Read More »