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Mailbag: Where are the sidewalks? Can police ignore traffic laws?

Here are questions from Road Warrior readers: What happened to the sidewalks? Construction just finished on Shiloh Road west of Highway 101 in Windsor. They seem to have left pedestrians out during this recent construction. All existing sidewalks were in the north side of Shiloh Road this includes both the area in front of the Wyndham Resort and the highway overpass.  The south side of the road has very narrow shoulders with (in some cases) not even a bike lane.… Read More »

Petaluma’s most dangerous intersections

Here’s a look at Petaluma’s top collision intersections for 2010, according to the Police Department: First: McDowell Boulevard at East Washington Street, with 12. Police say all of the collisions occurred during daylight hours, 81 percent involved property damage only, 64 percent were caused by unsafe speed, 63 percent were rear-enders, 27 percent involved injuries and 18 percent were sideswiping. Second: East Washington Street at Sonoma Mountain Parkway, with 10. Police say 80 percent of the collisions happened during the… Read More »