Petaluma last year recorded the fewest collisions since the Police Department began keeping track in 1986.

The department’s annual traffic report, issued by Sgt. Ken Savano, showed 633 collisions occurred in 2010, down from the 748 in 2009 and down from the yearly average of almost 1,000 five years ago. In 1986, the city had 1,193 collisions. The peak year was 1990 with 1,302 collision.

Savano, in the report, traced the drop to traffic enforcement, “effective” traffic engineering and a “strong” public awareness and education campaign.

Collisions in Petaluma since 1986. Chart by the Petaluma Police Department

Here are other highlights of the report for 2010 — all charts are by the Petaluma PD:

–Since 1986, of the 25,410 collisions in Petaluma, 40 were fatal (0.1 percent), 6,178 involved an injury (25 percent) and 19,192 involved property damage only (75 percent). Last year, no one was killed in any of the 633 collisions, but 188 involved injuries. The last fatality in Petaluma was in November 2008 when a DUI driver hit a tree and killed a passenger, police said.

–The number of injury collisions — 188 — last year was the lowest since 1986, which had 268 injury collisions.

–Most bicycle collisions occurred last year because the bicyclist was riding on the wrong side of the road.

Bicycle collisions over the years

–28 pedestrians were injured in 25 collisions with vehicles last year. Sixty-eight percent of those incidents were blamed on drivers who did not see or did not yield the right of way to pedestrians. Pedestrians were at fault in the remaining 32 percent.

Pedestrian collisions

–Hit-and-run collisions continued their steady drop from 2007.

Hit-and-run collisions

–Alcohol-involved collisions also continued their steady decline since 2007.

Alcohol-involved collisions

–November had the most collisions with 59.

Collisions by the month

–Tuesday apparently is the riskiest day to drive.

Collisions by day of week

–Lunchtime racked up the most collisions at 59.

Collisions by hour of day

–Traffic violations:

Traffic enforcement


DUI arrests

–Suspended and unlicensed drivers and vehicle impounds:

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