Caltrans last week awarded a total of $66 million to cities and counties across the state for projects to make it safer for students to walk or ride their bikes to school.

Nearly $2 million was designated for school safety projects in Lake, Mendocino and Sonoma counties. Caltrans spokesman Phil Frisbie Jr. said when the work will be done is up to each agency involved but the funding is good for seven years. The North Coast projects are:

–In Clearlake, for students at Burns Valley Elementary School and Clearlake SDA Christian, the project is for Old Highway 53 from Olympic to Lakeshore drives and the intersection of Old Highway 53 and Austin Avenue and calls for widening the roadway, adding bike lanes and installing crosswalks. Funding: $321,400.

–In Fort Bragg, for Fort Bragg Middle and Redwood Elementary schools, the projects will be at various spots throughout the city and will cover building sidewalks, bulb-outs, raised intersections, raised crosswalks, speed cushions, traffic circle, pedestrian refuge islands, signs, striping and LED stop signs. Funding: $849,500.

–In Petaluma, for La Tercera, Miwok, McDowell, McKinley and Valley Vista Elementary schools and Kenilworth and Petaluma Middle schools and calls for creation of a safe routes to school plan. Funding: $129,600.

–In Santa Rosa, for Sheppard, Roseland and Bellevue Elementary schools and Roseland Charter School, the project affects West Avenue from Sebastopol Road to Hearn Avenue and calls for crosswalks, flashing “Entering School Zone” signs, fence/barrier, bike storage lockers, signs, bulb-outs and curb ramps. Funding: $284,400.

–In Windsor, for Windsor Middle, Cali Calmecac and Brooks and Windsor Creek Elementary schools, the project calls for pedestrian and bicycle safety training. Funding: $310,000.

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