Santa Rosa Area CHP officers will be working in coordination with Marin CHP officers today in an effort to increase safety along the Highway 101 corridor.

“Many Bay Area residents, as well as visitors from around the state and country, travel through Marin and Sonoma counties on the way to their destination of choice,” said Lt. Dave Tafel of the Santa Rosa CHP office. “ In fact, Marin and Sonoma counties, with their rich abundance of lakes, rivers, wineries, redwood forests, coastline and warm weather resorts are often the destination.”

The purpose of the collaborative enforcement is to remind the motoring public of the importance of compliance with traffic laws, specifically adhering to speed limits, observing occupant restraint compliance, not driving impaired as a result of alcohol or drugs and distracted driving, the CHP said.

Additional officers will be on patrol on the 101 corridor from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Sonoma/Mendocino County line. Officers will aggressively conduct traffic enforcement emphasizing speed, seatbelt, DUI and distracted driving enforcement.

Also Friday, the Santa Rosa Area CHP will be working with the Petaluma Police Department on a special enforcement detail on Lakeville Highway. In the past several month there have been serious collisions on Lakeville Highway due to several factors including speeding, unsafe passing and other moving violations. CHP and Petaluma Police officers will be out in force on Lakeville Highway not only to cite dangerous drivers, but also to be a visible deterrent and make people more aware of what they are doing behind the wheel.

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