From this Monday through Thursday, Dec. 18, a county contractor will be doing tree work along Lakeville Road between Highway 37 and Highway 116. The work includes the removal of 24 trees that have been identified as diseased or dying, and the safety pruning of 100 other eucalyptus trees at various locations along the route.

The contractor for the project is Bay Area Tree Specialist. Work will be done from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day. One lane traffic controls with traffic delays up to 30 minutes can be expected during work hours. No work will be done on Fridays, at night or on weekends. Poor weather may cause delays in the scheduling of the project.

Calls with questions or concerns can be directed to Sonoma County Road Maintenance at 565-5100 or Sonoma County Transportation and Public Works at 565-2231.

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