There’s confusion over when a driver can proceed through a crosswalk after a pedestrian has crossed by.

Do you have to wait until the pedestrian is all of the way across and on the sidewalk? Or can you drive on when the pedestrian is no longer at risk from being hit by your car?

It’s a question that even local police officers couldn’t agree on , some saying all the way across and others saying just when out of the danger zone, although all said they wouldn’t ticket anyone unless the pedestrian was at risk. DMV spokeswoman Jan Mendoza in Sacramento said the DMV couldn’t answer that question but pointed to the CHP for a definitive answer.

CHP Officer Jon Sloat said the answer is that you can proceed once the pedestrian is not at any risk of being hit, even if he suddenly whirled around and headed back in front of your car.

“There’s nothing in the vehicle code” about waiting until the pedestrian has reached the sidewalk, he said. “You just have to yield to them” until it’s safe to proceed.

And Sonoma County Superior Court Commissioner Carla Bonilla, who runs the local Traffic Court, seems to agree.

“There is a case by case issue here. I do not think the person technically has to be up on the second curb for the car to then drive on. However, clearly the intent of the law is for the pedestrian to be out of harm’s way before the car leaves,” she said in a statement.

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