Those of you who drive Stony Point Road on a regular basis know how bad the middle portion is. A few of you even voted for it in the Road Warrior’s 2013 Worst Road contest.

Selena wrote, “I’m going to say it’s gotta be Stony Point Road between Hearn and Sebastopol Road. You practically need four-wheel drive to get through it!”

Another reader knew that the city has plans to widen that stretch next year, but wrote to ask why they couldn’t patch a few of the potholes in the meantime.

Clay Thistle, the Santa Rosa engineer in charge of this widening project,  provided a timeline and the bottom line. PG&E will start working on the gas lines in January, the first step in any road construction project, but the final paving won’t come until 2016.

Here are the key dates:

— PG&E is scheduled to begin doing some gas work in the street beginning in January 2014.

— Work to underground existing overhead utilities is scheduled to begin in April 2014 and complete by September 2015.

— The City road widening is tentatively scheduled to begin in July 2014 and complete in August 2016. As with any construction project, the final roadway paving will not occur until near the end.

Stony Point has been widened and repaved north of Sebastopol Road and South of Hearn Avenue. This project will connect the two, adding travel lanes in each direction, a new traffic signal at Lazinni Avenue, pedestrian crossing flashers at Roseland Creek and Mesa Way and sidewalks and bicycle lanes.

Total cost is estimated to be $24 million.

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