Roughly $1.365 million  in state funding has been shifted among existing Sonoma County roads projects, part of an effort by the county’s Transportation and Public Works Department to spend the money before it disappears on June 30. On Tuesday, Feb. 11, county supervisors agreed on the following changes to projects funded by Proposition 1B:

Gaining funding

Penngrove/Fulton railroad crossings (+$135,000) — Money will be used to pave the railroad crossings on Main Street in Penngrove and Fulton Road in Fulton.

Bridge replacements on Boyes Boulevard over Sonoma Creek, Sonoma Valley, and Wohler Road over Mark West Creek, Santa Rosa (+150,000) — Prop 1B funds will be used for design and environmental permitting, to match and supplement the federal bridge program funding.

West Avenue Safe Routes to School, Santa Rosa (+$50,000) — To supplement federal Safe Routes to School grant for safety improvements to the area surrounding Sheppard Elementary and Roseland Elementary/Middle schools.

Geyserville area pedestrian improvements (+$30,000) — Start design work on improvements around downtown Geyserville that also get money from state tribal funds.

Porter Creek Bridge Replacement, Mark West Springs (+$450,000) — This money will provide matching and supplmental funding for this ongoing construction project, which is funded by the federal bridge program.

Road maintenance, countywide (+$350,000) — Supplement the budget for pothole patching, pavements repairs, safety striping and pavement markings.

Roundabout at Highway 116 at Mirabel, Forestville (+$200,000) — Additional money for final design and Caltrans coordination costs.

Losing funding

Airport Boulevard widening, Santa Rosa (-$555,000) — This project came in under budget, so the extra money can be redirected to other projects.

Adobe Road at East Washington Street, Petaluma (-$430,000) — Delays due to environmental permitting and right of way will prevent the county from completing this traffic light project by June 30. Countywide Traffic Mitigation funds will be used to complete this project when it’s ready for construction to begin.

Shoulder widening at Highway 116 and Mirabel, Graton (-$380,000) — Staff for this project has been reallocated to other projects such as the Highway 12 sidewalks through Boyes Hot Springs and Aqua Caliente, so this project will be delayed.

Since 2006, Sonoma County has received about $16.7 million from the voter approved Prop 1B. About $1.365 million from the 2009-2010 allocation must be spent by June 30, 2014, previously earmarked for projects that have been delayed plus one that came in under budget.


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